Best Free language learning apps

Best language learning apps for Android/Mac.

Language learning apps are also one of the best ways to learn any of the languages over your smartphone without using any laptop or computer.

These language learning apps can teach you how to learn different languages with correct pronunciation and also with correct spelling that you have to learn and write over something.

A smartphone user must have these languages learning as because most of the travelers visit different countries, and there is the only e problem which can they face is the language problem.

To make conversation with other people with different languages you must need a language learning app directly installed on your smartphone like Android and IOS so that you can easily learn different languages for free.

Another benefit of using these amazing language learning apps for Android is that you do not need any of the class of Fixed time to attend.

You just need to sign up and start learning different lessons with the correct pronunciation and meanings of those words.

Today we are going to show you some of these best language learning apps for Android in 2020 that every Traveler and blogger must use these Languages Apps.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps that got many words because of its excellent performance.

It is one of the best apps which is available for Cross-platform so, you can keep learning your language lessons over Smartphone and also on your laptop whenever you are free.

With more than 20 different languages available on it, you can learn Spanish, English, Turkish, Dutch, also Greek languages that you want.
This amazing app is actually for free to use and available on the Google Play Store.

From advance to beginner level which app contains all necessary licenses to teach any of the languages in 34 hours of the complete course.

2. Google Translate.

Google Translate which is an application from Google to translate any of the languages into another language in seconds.

From this amazing platform, you can learn different languages with freehand to convert any of the languages into another language.

With more than 80 different languages Google Translate is one of the amazing and useful websites to learn different languages.

From this amazing platform, you not only e convert any single word into another language but also able to convert any of the complete articles into two different languages.

3. Memrise

Memrise is one of the apps which is famous for Mexican and Spanish language learning app. This is an amazing app recently hit 45 million peoples All Around The World to learn different languages.

From quick quiz games two different lessons and courses available on it this amazing application you can frequently learn different languages without any problem.

For better practice and pronunciation skill you must have a microphone to listen to any of the words carefully.

It supports many other languages like Dutch, English, Russian, Chinese, Italian, and also you can learn Korean.

4. Learn Languages

Learn Languages which is developed from Rosetta stone ancient discoveries. Is an amazing app is offering many languages that can be easily learned from anyone?

One of the unique features of this amazing app is that its claim that they can teach you any of the languages in one day.

Here are some of the amazing feature of this language learning app is:

Offline lessons

Learn more than 24 languages like Hindi, English, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Russian many other languages.

Amazing and perfect pronunciation with feedback.

Different methods to learn different languages

Amazing synchronization of your learning lesson across different devices.

language learning

5. Learn 50 Languages

Learn 50 Languages is another amazing language learning app that comes with more than 50 major languages from all around the world.

Are amazing languages comes with free and offline usage of language learning processes through different courses?

The amazing application contains Framework level A1 and A2 with more than a hundred lessons provided with different vocabularies and amazing pronunciation.

According to App developers, we have more than 3000 languages combination from English to English, Spanish to Chinese, English to Spanish and many other combinations to teach anyone three different ways.

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