Best Podcast Apps For Android

Top 5 Best Podcast Apps  For Android 

Podcast Apps for Android are one of the pleasant approaches to make a series of virtual audio that could pay attention on-line and additionally offline after downloads. This amazing podcast app for Android makes it easy to work for broadcasters to broadcast their voice to the audience. 

Podcasting apps are rarely e is one of the best ways to targeting a specific group of people and sharing knowledge, sending love quotes and other beautiful messages. 

Today we are going to share some of these podcast apps for Android in 2020 where you can listen to all of your amazing and like sport costs in the world. 

These podcast apps also have the availability to give you all the Radio stations and audiobooks which can be easily downloadable for offline use. 

Here are some of these podcast apps for Android which you must read before installing any of the apps for Android. 

1. Podcast & Radio Addict: 

Podcast & Radio Addict is one of the podcast apps for Android which has its unique feature because of its #1 position in the podcast app list google Play Store. 

This amazing app has 9 million downloads all around the world because of its amazing features of providing podcast networks of different types and more than 10 million episodes ready to listen to. 

With a standalone MP3 player and Chromecast support, this amazing app will give you inbuilt audio effects. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Podcast & Radio Addict 
That you must read

It has automatic cloud backup with full chapter support 

Multiple playlist support you can listen to and browse all of your favorite podcast networks. 

This amazing app has also integration with other useful apps like SoundCloud, Tube, iTunes, apple podcast, and also with all to which channels URLs. 

Most people listen to podcasts of different types so that’s why this amazing app comes with an amazing feature of browsing podcasts with different categories. 

2. Google Play Music: 

After the launch of Google Play Music, this amazing app was only a music player with more than 50,000 songs to listen to. 

In mid-2016 Google Play Music got an amazing update of the podcast and hence it also enters into the list of best podcast apps for Android. 

While listening to two different categories of music on Google Play Music you can also subscribe to any of the podcasts available on it. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Google Play Music 

This amazing app is available for multiple platforms bike desktop, iOS, and Android. 

Recommendations based system to check your taste about the podcast and different music. 

It is an amazing app that is also available in low price music with a family plan and ad-free feature. 

Podcast Apps

3. BeyondPod:

BeyondPod is another amazing and useful podcast app for Android in 2020 e with amazing control on customization and downloading of the different podcast were connected to Wi-Fi. 

This podcast app is also available in offline mode where you can explore all the local radios like CNN radio and others. 

This amazing app cares about you because it has also an amazing feature of sleep timer and playback speed. 

This amazing podcast is available in a 7-day trial after that you can enjoy its premium features. 

4. Pocket Casts: 

Pocket Casts is on the list of the best podcast because of its amazing features to give you to all the favorite channels without the hassle of subscribing. 

With an amazing bunch of useful features, the Pocket Casts app for Android comes with the support of M4A and MP3 chapter formats with control playback. 

Here are some of the amazing features of Pocket Casts 

Amazing user-friendly UI with light and dark themes. 

It is also connected with Chromecast, android auto, Sonos, and Alexa to listen to your podcast. everywhere. 

Controllable playback with MP3 and M4A chapter formats support 

Volume boost, variable speed, and Trim silence also give this amazing app a beautiful touch. 

Podcast Apps

5. Stitcher Radio: 

Stitcher Radio is one of the fancy e and most attractive app by broadcasters because of its amazing features which can be used by every age of the group. 

With more than 260,000 podcasts it is one of the best podcast players with easy navigation and browsing. 

With the ad-free environment, you can also make your custom podcast station. 

It has also integration with Amazon Alexa for the usage of smart speaker integration and also with Sonos speaker systems to enjoy any of the podcast you love. 

Well, most people listen to different podcasts while driving, for this reason, this amazing podcast on the unique feature of Android auto for more than 50 different car models. 

This is one of the apps which won multiple awards for having the best app related to features and entertainment for Android smartphones.

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