How to start a blog and make money

How To Start A Blog

Are you going to start a blog  then hold on this article will tell you how to start a blog. Blogging is a way that a person can directly e interact with readers and show awesomeness and amazing work. One of the first questions in every mind is that why people use the blog to show their work?

There are thousands of reasons that will make your mind to start blogging in 2020. One of the reasons to start blogging is to make money from it and also show an amazing talent that you have.

Today, you are going to give you an amazing article about blogging. In this article, we will cover up all the important topics such as how to start a blog? What are the requirements necessary things to start a blog in 2020?

Before going to start a blog you must know what is a blog anyway?

What is a blog anyway?

A blog could be pages are documents posted on a website mainly in a written form. Most of the people have their blog on some of the highest traffic topics such as celebrity, health, technology, and most other blogs such as beautiful stories.

Most of the process consists of hundreds of words with amazing pictures, and also with videos. Almost every blog has its comment section at the end of the blog. These sections are also the best way to interact with your readers, and also solve the problems that they faced during reading your blog.

How To Start A Blog

How to become a successful blogger?

Most of the writers, and bloggers show their works after daily hard work, but there is a key thing that can make you a successful blogger is just a Passion for your topic.

Once you pick a topic, you must get all the amazing content about your topic. After you pick it a topic you must carry on your work without losing heart.

Here are some of the amazing reasons to start a blog in 2020

1. Make money from home.

The world has changed now because of advancements in Technologies, and internet connection in every country and every City. Blogging can make money for you if you did it correctly because it needs attention, and daily work.

If you are a writer and a researcher to do little research every day for a few hours then you can start a blog. No making money through a blog is easy because of ad network websites, Amazon affiliation, storytelling, and many other amazing ways that can help you to make money at home.

2. Share your story.

Not only making money is a way to start a blog but most of the people show the writing skills to share stories. Most of the storytelling writers post amazing stories every day which can give you lots of ideas to start new things.

3. Business, and personal recognition.

Most of the businesses, and people start writing about work and services provided to the people. Blogging is a good way where you can earn respect and so amazing services that a business can provide in a country. There are thousands of successful blogs and websites on the internet which not only deal through customer through blogs, but also they make money from blogging.

4. Make a useful community.

Blogging is where you can share your knowledge with different communities on the internet. It allows you to teach someone on the internet for your blog. Most of the readers get opportunities to read something amazing, the solution to different problems, and also get amazing ideas from the blogging community.

Here are some of the few steps that you have to follow to start a blog.

Top amazing steps to start a blog.

1.Pick a topic: You must pick a topic on which you can write articles and make your blog perfect.

2. Pick a blog name: Most of the bloggers choose blog name (domain name) which related passion they have.

3. Get your blog online: You must register your blog and also unlimited hosting.

4. Blog Customization:
Customize your blog so that every reader can easily read your blog.

5. Write and publish daily articles:
To keep your blog alive you just need to write articles daily.

6. Promote your blog on social media:
Once you write articles on different topics you have to show it on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

7. Provide Service

9. Maintain your blog daily

10. Q & A to the customer

11. Pick a strong topic:
Before going to start making articles on different topics you have to choose the best topic on which you can write articles for your blog.
The strong topic must have some characteristics:
• They must be helpful for others to solve problems.
• They must be unique, so the readers can get different ideas from your articles.
• Your topic must be informative.
• The topic you choose must the top on Google search ranking.
• Health, sports, technology, and other related topics are to choose.

12. Pick a blog name
Every blogger should pick the best blog name that must be related to their niche. For example, a blogger wants to start blogging on a health topic then he must need to pick the best blog name on health such as any other blog name that can fit a health topic.

13. Get your blog online

To get your blog online you have to purchase a domain name for your blog that you suggested. You can buy cheap domains and check the availability of your domain on the following websites:
• Bluehost
• HostGator
• GoDaddy
• Namecheap
• DreamHost
These are the best websites where you can get domains and host at a cheap price.

14. Customize your blog: customization is very important because every reader must feel easy, and he or she can navigate easily to your blog. To make your blog more awesome you have to apply WordPress themes which will automatically customize your blog with all pages and articles on it.
You can also make further changes in customization to make your blog more awesome.

15. Promote blog on social media:To keep growing your blog on the internet you must need social media accounts related to your domain. Most of the articles automatically posted on social media platforms through different resources.

The reason behind the promotion of your blog through social media is that they are rich in traffic and most of the people use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

There are many other social media platforms are available, such as Instagram, YouTube do you can promote your blog through videos and photos.

Although it is not an easy task to promote your blog daily there are several websites available that will help you to promote your blog on social media platforms.

These websites act as a social media management platforms which will automatically post your latest articles on social media with amazing customization.
• Buffer
• Hootsuite
• Canva
• TweetDeck

16. Provide services through your blog:
Most of the bloggers provide different services from blogging. No doubt blogging is the best way where any person can promote services over the internet.
For example, a furniture maker can easily promote their stuff on the internet through blogging. He can easily write down all the specifications of furniture with pictures and videos. In this way, he can grow business on top.

17. Make money from blogging:
There is another way that can inspires you to start blogging which is to “make money from blogging.”
You can get ad network accounts approval such as Google AdSense, media networks and other websites to monetize your blog. Google AdSense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog where you can earn thousands of dollars per day.

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