What is Means of Modern communication

Modern Communication?

Modern means of communication is Route communication has been a necessity of human beings from the beginning. Messengers were sent by letter for this task; Twelve miles to the destination where sharp horses used to be, the riders took the bag of letters and returned it to the next destination, and the rider did the same thing for hundreds of miles. Delivered Muslim rulers in their time had improved communication systems through difficulty so a separation They set up a department.

For a long time, the communication or messaging task was even taken from a pigeon, or the error was tied to his neck at his neck and he would deliver it to the destination. History books often mention that Muslim rulers used them in the Balad Islamiyah, or that Rogha Jahangir, a Mughal emperor of India in Syria and Iraq, had even pigeon-holed them for this work. Used them for the development of communication in other fields as well as in the science era After the motor and rail were invented in the last century, the stain also went through it. Now they have invented a device in the purse that eliminated the need for the motor and the rail because this device allows messaging to reach. It was the top telegraph that was invented by the Flymores in 1835, or the viral in 1995, which began to transmit messages through the radio waves found in the atmosphere without interconnecting any wire. Time for the process also ended because the speed of the waves on which it was sent was one million Earth’s diameter is too low, only a few thousand miles.

Modern communication

The principle of the invention of wireless is that one of the three types of waves emitting from the sun are electromagnetic waves, also called radial waves, while the remaining two are light and heat. To understand these waves, you need water. Imagine the waves flying on the surface, throwing water into the pond. Its water is interrupted, which causes waves to flow around it and they start flowing back and forth in the same water. There are also radial waves like water waves. There is any kind of sound in the silent atmosphere. Capable of transporting them to another location no matter where they are

The virus that works on this principle is done right now so for exchanging messages it must be the friends of the father, suppose one set is in Karachi and the other in Hyderabad and the two sets are exactly one. Same as and the two will work One of the two sets is the microphone which is connected to the electrical wire that acts on the daughter. The other end is connected to a transmitter. The other end of the transmitter is connected to the aerial. To send a message to another set, send the message to your father’s mouth with the word close to the mouth. The ones that enter, if they reach the transmitters via the inner wire through the phone, are spread out and circulated in the air in the form of radial waves in Hyderabad with this textured set. The receiver I receive sounds in the case of Korea, Lahore, and whatever amplifier inside it amplifies the waves, then the waves reach the wireless set and make it audible.

Modern communication

Marconi got his first breakthrough in 1895, but by then he managed to send not only words but also a knock-on-the-window sound, and he too, at a distance of a few yards, then hooked the Ariel into the transmitter. So the voices went a long way this year with Ariel giving her the voice for a hundred and a half miles, which was a huge achievement. This modern Yazid of Marconi surprised her and gave her the keys. I went to Sahara too

The modern invention of the Marconi UK eased people’s problems

The first violins were first used for communication between ships, this is the event of 195 then used to send telegrams for the most common use or to establish a place for the purpose. The first house was built in Italy in 1899 or the wireless telegraph equipment was further developed and the first message from the ocean was sent to the nineteenth before the wire was sent across Europe to Marine Hockey News.

Three years later, an English scientist in 1904 invented a device for Dr. Phil the Seeker, or it was well-known that the radio waves entering the virus set were very secretive, so they could lead to waves. The loudspeakers sounded much clearer than before, but the advantage of the front was that the guards were able to easily hear the sound emitted, which only predicted the invention of the radio. The sound of noise malfunctions etc. was being heard at the moment the coil set was used to communicate these signals between the ships. It was used for telegraphy, etc. Yes, this invention was not the work of the common man, since his English alphabet was set from A to the end, with different voice distortion signals and when at sea. To call a ship from a threatened ship for help, suppose that the word is intended to send a message of help, so they become the same as the separated parent for that word. The recovering ship reads the alphabet derived from the poem in the order that it reads the hype.

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